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By Jyoti Bansal
October 24, 2017

Today, we officially launch Harness out of stealth. Harness is building the industry’s first Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service platform that enables software engineering teams to deliver code to customer-facing applications rapidly, securely and without fear of failure. You can read our official press release here.

Harness tackles a problem I’ve been passionate about for quite some time—how to improve the software delivery process, which today is complicated, highly manual and risk-prone.

In today’s digital age, pretty much every enterprise has to deliver an enormous amount of software. Not only is it a really staff-intensive job, it is also full of massive risk to the end-user experience. I remember when I was at AppDynamics, and almost all of our customers would tell me this was one of their biggest challenges. One customer in particular (a head of engineering at a large bank) told me that they had 4,000 developers building code, but he also had an additional 700 DevOps engineers in charge of building scripts for releasing and deploying all that code, as well as rolling back failures if something went wrong. Streamlining that process and freeing up some of those massive resources was a big priority for him.

Today, Continuous Delivery—the ability for development teams to deliver their changes to the end-users in hours instead of months, at a big scale—is only being successfully done by a handful of tech giants like Amazon, Google and Facebook. It has been largely inaccessible to the vast majority of businesses.

Harness changes that. The Harness mission is to level the playing field by bringing the first Continuous Delivery-as-a-service platform to the market, and to make the practice of CD accessible to every organization, whether a massive multi-billion dollar bank or a resource-strapped startup.

At Harness, we recognize that the scale of enterprise software development means that oversight of successful deployments and rolling back failures can no longer be done manually. It simply takes too much time, and is too prone to error. If deployments, their verification and rollbacks can be automated—and I mean real intelligent automation using modern artificial intelligence, not a mountain of scripts— software teams will achieve the velocity they require.

With our Smart Automation technology, Harness provides the first ever solution to automate the entire continuous delivery process. No longer do you have to deploy a large number of engineers to build and maintain massive amounts of automation scripts. By applying unsupervised machine learning to the delivery process, our Continuous Verification technology understands an application’s baseline behavior—whether it’s performance, quality or security—to a very granular level and can initiate automatic rollbacks when any abnormal activity is detected. No longer do you have to worry about your code changes breaking anything.

Harness, the first project launched from my new startup studio BIG Labs, emerges out of stealth with a long list of forward-thinking beta customers who have been using the platform, providing feedback, and ultimately transforming their own CD processes as a result.

John Stuart, VP of DevOps, IT, and Security at Jobvite, credits Harness for enabling his team to reduce deployment times by a factor of 10x while improving quality. Ed Rose, Director of Software Engineering at Build.com, now leverages Harness to roll out multiple deployments daily and to identify failed deployments and roll them back when they don’t meet quality standards. The job now requires one software professional rather than six.

Nearly every enterprise faces the same problem when it comes to software delivery. As we scale Harness to solve the world’s CD problems (in the same way we have for our initial customers), we have the opportunity to unleash a massive increase in innovation velocity for every major company in the world.

I have a terrific co-founder for Harness in CTO Rishi Singh. Rishi led DevOps and the continuous delivery platform at Apple, and he recognized that if Apple had so many challenges here, then other companies would also struggle with the lack of intelligence and automation in their CD processes. Rishi and I have been friends since college, and I knew that not only would he bring a great CTO vision to Harness, but he would be a tremendous leader for the engineering team, helping build a product that every software professional would be dying to use.

I want to thank the Harness team for everything they’ve done to help us reach this important milestone. We’ve built an enterprise grade product, conducted dozens of proof-of-concepts, and helped several customers radically improve their CD processes. It is a hard working, hyper-intelligent and dedicated crew that I’m confident will help lead us to the next level.

I should also note that Harness is looking for talented, passionate and team-oriented people to join us. If you have world-class skills in what you do and you love to be challenged, please reach out to us. We’d love to talk to you about joining our fast-growing team.

And if you’re a DevOps or software engineering executive looking for ways to speed up deployment and increase focus on innovation, please reach out to us as well. We’d love to help your team move even faster.

Join us on our journey! And if you’d like to see me talk more about the platform, I invite you to come meet me and the team at AWS: ReInvent.

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Greg Howard

Thanks Vinod. Glad the value proposition speaks to you. And in answer to your question, we did have a test blog that we deleted…

Vinod Malhotra
Vinod Malhotra

I am surprised nobody has commented on this blog so far. The link to this blog https://harnessio.wpengine.com/2017/10/second-post/ implies that it is the second post. Where is the first post?

Joking aside, I could not agree more that software delivery remains complicated, highly manual, and risk-prone for most companies. I am glad that Harness has stepped into this domain to convert this black art into a repeatable process. Wishing you all the best in the journey ahead…