Why Harness Is The Best New DevOps Solution Company

By Steve Burton
December 14, 2017

A few weeks back I got an email from Alan Shimel, the founder of DevOps.com, with the great news that Harness is a finalist in the awards category “Best New DevOps Solution Company.” This category is judged by a panel of 5-6 industry experts, and each vendor is asked to submit a package of information to DevOps.com by 15th December to help the judges decide the ultimate winner.

We decided not to send a bunch of marketing collateral and powerpoint slides. Instead, this blog is our package. Read it for yourself, and draw your own conclusion as to whether Harness is the best new DevOps vendor out there.

Here are 10 reasons why we believe Harness is the Best.

#1 – We’re Solving a Big Bad-Ass Problem

Infrastructure and networks are a commodity. In 2017 (almost 2018), everything is about applications and how you deliver them to your customers.

Continuous Integration (code to artifact) has been solved by the likes of Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis, CircleCI and other vendors.

But Continuous Delivery (artifact to production) has not been solved, which is why the majority of customers we’ve spoken with have tried to build/script it themselves. In addition, no vendor has created a CD solution architected from scratch or offers CD As-A-Service. We believe Harness is a first on both points.

#2 – We built the product by listening, not by speaking

Since May 2017, we’ve run over 400 customer feedback meetings with DevOps leaders and teams, performed over 20 beta deployments, and have another 25 customers lined up for our early adopter program. Back in May, we accepted that our solution was 75% complete, and set that expectation with customers with the offer of partnering with us to solve this problem together.

Six months ago we didn’t have support for YAML Configuration-as-Code, New Relic, Sumo Logic, Log.io, Elastic, AWS Lambda, Amazon KMS, or HashiCorp Vault–just to name a few. Today we do, and those integrations have been thoroughly tested by real customers in real environments. In addition, our UI and UX has dramatically changed–because without user adoption, we’re toast.

We’ll also ship a full on-premises version of Harness, which we announce GA in 2018 (because most enterprises we spoke to still wanted on-premises software).

#3 – We don’t just automate deployments–we verify them and allow you to rollback

Want to know the business impact of every production deployment? We’ll tell you in minutes. Consider Harness your DevOps feedback loop.

Our continuous verification will connect to your existing monitoring and log tools immediately after a deployment, and use unsupervised machine learning (KMeans/Jaccard/Cosine/Hidden Markov/SAX) to automatically detect performance and quality regressions in your app, allowing developers and DevOps engineers to immediately know the impact of any change. Bottom line: our machine learning is real and adds massive value.

Harness will even automate the rollback to the last working artifact and run-time configuration if that’s what you want.

#4 – We Believe in Integration vs. Replacement

Today, we have 18 DevOps integrations available. We have a tremendous degree of respect for the DevOps ecosystem, because we believe that customers want to avoid throwing away their existing investments in tooling. Harness also integrates with our customers’ existing CD processes, so we don’t require them to rewrite or change the way they deploy. Give us what you’ve got and we’ll automate things so you can deploy faster and safer than ever before.

Today Harness supports all your favorite DevOps tools and technologies:

  • Cloud – AWS, GCP, On-Premises DC
  • Artifacts – Docker Image, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS Lambda, Jar, War, Zip, RPM, …
  • CI – Jenkins, Atlassian, JFrog, Nexus, CircleCI, Travis CI
  • APM – AppDynamics, New Relic
  • Log – Splunk, Sumo Logic, Elastic, Logz.io
  • Security – Amazon KMS, HashiCorp Vault
  • Collaboration – Slack, HipChat, Email

Tomorrow, and in the future, we’ll support Windows Azure, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Datadog, Dynatrace and ServiceNow to name a few.

#5 – Our Product Demo

Proof is always in the pudding with DevOps solutions, so here is our pudding:


Need more? Watch our 13-minute video.

Want a canary deployment in 4-mins?

Need CD for AWS Lambda apps?

#6 – We Have Several Paying Customers and we’re not GA yet

Here are some of their stories:

Build.com Reduces MTTR by 75% With Harness Continuous Delivery

Jobvite Reduces Deployment Time by 90% with Harness

#7 – We Practice What We Preach (Continuous Delivery)

Harness does roughly 20 deployments/day across our dev, QA and production environments with a 94% success rate. We live and breathe Continuous Delivery at Harness:

Harness uses Harness to deploy to Harness.io (Not because Jyoti said so)

Harness uses AWS for compute, Jenkins internally for CI, Slack for collaboration, New Relic for monitoring, Elastic for logs, and Zendesk for support.

#8 – Our Pricing Is Transparent

Harness pricing is available for all to see.

As of 14th December 2017, the other finalists (Lightstep, N Clouds, Shiftleft Helptio, and AppOrbit) do not publish their pricing online.

#9 – Santa just selected Harness for Continuous Delivery

Santa Selects Harness for Continuous Delivery in 2017

#10 – We Know that Culture Trumps Technology

Here’s one thing you’ll never hear from one of our salespeople: “Start using Harness and you’ll be unstoppable in your DevOps Journey.”

We know that’s vendor nonsense. DevOps is a cultural mindset; it’s about the alignment of teams and the sharing of responsibility for technology performance and business impact. No tool can do that. Teams have to genuinely believe in it, and have the leadership in place that will enforce those values.

But we do believe that once that culture is in place, the right platform can accelerate the DevOps journey. That’s where we stand.

And furthermore, just as we use Harness internally to ensure continuous delivery of our own software, we use culture to give ourselves–and our customers–a competitive advantage. Our engineering teams are aligned across development, QA, and production–our sales and marketing teams are aligned in achieving business goals–and ALL of us (most notably Customer Success!) have a laser-sharp focus on making our customers insanely, unequivocally successful.

We know that our customers will be our biggest champions and evangelists, and having a DevOps culture that’s relentlessly focused on making customers happy is, we think, a competitive advantage as true and real as our super-cool tech.

Thanks once again to Devops.com for considering Harness as a finalist in this category. Honestly, we’re stoked at this stage in our journey!



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