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DELIVER APPS to Kubernetes without

Hitting Storm Clouds

Solve the Problem of Continuous Delivery for K8s and Modern Environments.

Modern-day Continuous Delivery can be

Serously Hard.

Building pipelines and deploying microservices with dependencies takes forever.
Building pipelines & deploying microservies with dependenncies takes forever.
Weekly releases are not enough.
Need for Speed
Weekly releases are not enough.
Give me the power to release on my own. Keep your Build and Release Team!
Devs Want Control
“Give me the power to release on my own. Keep your Build & Rerlease Team!”


We use Smart Automation to automate the deployment of pipelines end-to-end, integrating with all your tools - from Continuous Integration to Repos to Secrets Management - to prevent you from having to cobble pipelines together from scratch. Then we add Machine Learning.

Does Machine Learning + Continuous Delivery actually work in production?
Just visit www.harness.io/free and set up in minutes!

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