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What is Harness? - Harness is a new approach to the problem of Continuous Delivery, which is the means by which software engineers deliver to code to customer-facing applications. Generally speaking, this process is manual, requires tons of custom scripting, and is prone to human error.

Harness gives engineering teams a “safety net” that allows them to move fast and ship code without fear of breaking things. It does this by applying Machine Learning to the process of Continuous Delivery and giving teams the ability to automatically roll back failed deployments without bringing down the application. By doing so, Harness dramatically reduces the possibility of failed deployments.

How easy is Harness to install? - If you begin a Proof of Value with Harness, we will join you on-site for half a day. This is usually enough time to get you up and running with your own pipelines inside your own environment. Our sales engineers will assist you every step of the way.

What makes Harness different from, say, Jenkins? - It’s important to understand that Harness only falls on the CD side of the CI/CD equation. We don’t play in CI, and in fact, Harness fully integrates with Jenkins so you can keep all your work and custom scripts! Harness is really about taking the artifact to production, using Machine Learning to verify the success of deployments and to roll back failed deployments automatically.

Get Started Videos

  • Cloud Cost Management in 5 Minutes

    Cloud Cost Management in 5 Minutes
  • Full Harness Demo

    From templatized pipelines to machine learning and automated rollbacks, take 30 minutes and find out why the best DevOps teams use Harness.
  • Mastering Continuous Delivery for K8s

    In this short webinar, learn how to deploy apps to Kubernetes like a boss.
  • Monolith to Microservices

    In the process of refactoring your monolith and embracing the cloud? Harness can help.
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