The cloud, clearly someone else’s computer, can be a grey and boring place for some. For the creative types, how do we stretch our creativity? During Andy Jassy’s opening Keynote, Andy introduced DeepComposer to the world. DeepComposer is showcasing that you can learn machine learning by stretching all parts of the brain by leveraging music.

Amazon came out swinging with multiple product announcements day one and throughout the week aiming to continue to be the juggernaut in cloud computing. The Harness Squad fresh from coming from KubeCon in San Diego, like many of us has Kubernetes on the brain.

The Kubernetes Announcements

The number of Kubernetes offerings is certainly exploding. Amazon Web Services has no shortage of container offerings from Elastic Container Services [ECS] to Elastic Kubernetes Service [EKS]. Even for those who want more portability, Amazon Web Services provides a great home to run your PaaS infrastructures such as OpenShift, PCF, or DC/OS.

The big announcement is that finally, EKS on AWS Fargate is GA. Jogging your memory, we had a Fargate blog post in August which was designed for ECS. Now the Fargate control plane can be used with EKS, hello Kubernetes! A common operational task is worker node scaling. You certainly could be left to your own devices in how to scale your node groups in EKS prior; my favorite way was leveraging Weave’s EKSTL. Fargate aims to simplify a lot of maintenance / scaling items.

Another hot technology movement out there, machine learning was also making a splash. Not to be left in the dust by Kubeflow, Amazon Web Services also introduced their SageMaker service as a Kubernetes Operator. Outside of Kubernetes land, there were several notable announcements.

Growing Ecosystem

One more way to make Amazon Web Services more sticky is managed services. Amazon Web Services introduced Amazon Managed Cassandra Service [MCS]. Though not sure if the Cassandra Community push back as the Apache Kafka Community a year after Managed Kafka was introduced.

An on-going trend is that a lot of your beloved development environments [even IDEs] are headed to the cloud. Amazon Web Services is looking to automate a stalwart in your engineering lives, the code review with CodeGuru. Wait you can automate code reviews?! Some of my least to most fun parts of my development career were code reviews. How else are you going to teach the newer engineers the importance of tracing or appropriate auto-wiring; those were all things I learned in code reviews.

Amazon Web Services introduced Amazon Bracket which aims to provide an AWS managed area in quantum computing. For the average person, leveraging quantum computing can seem a far fetched idea but AWS has us looking to the next paradigm shift in computing in general. Though if you think that quantum computing has more to do with outer space than your enterprise applications, fortunately, Harness was out and about spreading some Star Wars cheer at re:Invent.

Harness out and about in Las Vegas

We are certainly thrilled for everyone we talked to and was able to come to one of our events. Harness. Throughout the week the great conversations we had showcase that even with forward-looking cloud infrastructure that AWS provides, Continuous Delivery still is a challenge.

If you were carrying around a Harness provided lightsaber, thanks for stopping by! We had a very successful Star Wars themed get together during re:Invent.

Get ready for re:Invent 2020! Though if you can’t make the big show, Harness will be at several AWS Summits next year so we can catch you there. As the public cloud can be a fast-evolving space, Harness is there to partner with you to make sure your Continuous Delivery pipeline experience is as seamless as spinning up elastic infrastructure on your favorite cloud provider.