In the technology world, technology is fallible. Typically designed and implemented by humans, our fallibility boils into system design. A common platform engineering dilemma is balancing the implicit and explicit biases to provide engineering efficiency to the widest set of users. An underrepresented group in technology decisions, our pets, are mostly if not completely free of bias and an excellent source for inspiration and sometimes needed mediation. 

Paying tribute to our furry companions, Harness is introducing a set of Harness harnesses (with a Kubernetes leash) for your pets, which you can get today.

What Is a Harness?

Since the inception of Harness, one of the challenges we faced was with our own name, Harness. If walking down the street, you were to ask someone “Hey, what is Harness?” more often than not they would answer with a “dog harness” or “a strap.” At Harness, we decided today was the right time to address the public perception and create a brand of Harness harnesses and Kubernetes-branded leashes.

Rory, ready to provide an unbiased opinion on which Kubernetes Ingress Controller strategy works best. Though, he does think Service Mesh sounds too much like “service mush!” 

Spend More Time With Your Pets

Harness, as the premier software delivery platform, is built with ease of use and convention in mind. Even the most complicated delivery tasks, such as automated canary release verification, are easily implementable with the Harness Platform. Not having to babysit the ever-increasing amount of deployments and delivery tasks frees you up to take your pet on an extended walk.    

Not sure how the Harness Platform will allow you to spend more time with your beloved pet? Sign up for a custom demo of the Harness Platform and we will send you a Harness harness and Kubernetes-branded leash – and we’ll make a donation to less fortunate animals. 

We Love Animals 

At Harness, we dote on our pets and happily show them off on Slack.

Barry, one of our favorite Pugs 

Unfortunately, not every animal has an easy life. As part of our commitment to the well-being of animals, Harness will make a donation to the ASPCA on behalf of you and/or your pet to animals in need when you take your custom demo. 

Get Your Harness Harness Today!

Today is a special day, as it is April 1st (April Fools). We love our pets so much at Harness that we wanted to give back to less fortunate animals and provide stylish digs for our community’s pets. If you have not already, sign up for the Harness Platform today. If you sign up for a custom demo, we will ship you a Harness pet harness, along with a Kubernetes-branded leash.