If you’re curious to see Harness up close and personal, above and beyond what you see on our amazing web site and Spielberg-level videos, please come and hang out with the Harness team at AWS: ReInvent from November 27-30.
We treat our trade shows seriously. We want to make sure that anyone who takes time out of their busy conference schedule to meet with us has key questions answered:

  • Why would I use Harness for Continuous Delivery when I’ve already invested my life and first-born children in Jenkins, Ansible, and custom scripts?
  • Does it work in my environment and integrate with my stuff?
  • Is it hard to use, and will it force me to take out a second mortgage in order to buy it?
  • Whenever I have to talk to enterprise software salespeople, I break out in a cold sweat. Can I even go through with this?

Give us a chance. We want to answer your questions, show you a brief demo, and equip you with facts, not bombard you with sales pressure. Okay, sure, we may scan your badge. But if you’re our kind of people—software and DevOps professionals—we’ll make it worth your while with a T-shirt that you can proudly wear in front of your Continuous Delivery peers.

We’re also holding a special lunch on Wednesday, where our founder and CEO Jyoti Bansal will present on the topic “Applying Machine Learning to Continuous Delivery.” To be completely honest, we’re nearly at full capacity for that, so you may be stuck. Still, email us and we’ll see what we can do.
But we’ll be on the expo floor for three days, and you should definitely visit us at booth #837. Want to pick a particular time that’s convenient for you? Hit us up here.