We were pretty excited to help sponsor the latest Yow! Conference here in Sydney Australia. For those who are unfamiliar with Yow!, Yow! is a grassroots developer conference across Australia. Not to be dampened by the bush fires around New South Wales, the attendance and talks at Yow! were great. A common theme though as we talked with the attendees throughout the conference was just general frustration around Continuous Delivery.

Everyone faces challenges

If you know Australians, they are some of the friendliest people and enjoy living life to the fullest. What caught me off guard was the about-face and the sheer number of “it sucks mate” when I would ask about how people felt about their current or in-the-works Continuous Delivery Process.

Even giving other pieces of advice that doesn’t necessarily require a product e.g deploying during business hours seemed a far fetched idea giving the current state of many’s Continuous Delivery process. Being at the forefront of Continuous Delivery at Harness, learning about so many challenges people were facing makes us more determined to help.

Harness determined to help

The Harness team is certainly growing in APAC/ANZ helping organizations change their hate/hate relationship with Continuous Delivery.

The unofficial Harness Boat, cruising around Darling Harbour to give you time back so you can enjoy your downtime.

Imagine what you could do with a few (or several) more hours during your week. Enjoy your downtime and come back recharged to move the innovation needle forward. Harness and the Harness ANZ/APAC team is dedicated to giving you and your team(s) the enjoyable hours back in your day. We are happy to get engaged. If you want to take a more self-guided spin, feel free to sign up for a trial or free edition of the Harness Platform.