Continuous Delivery (CD)

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Take Artifacts to Production On-Demand with Harness Continuous Delivery.

Harness Platform CICD Tools

Harness provides a simple, safe, and secure way for engineering and DevOps teams across all industries and maturities to accelerate building and testing of software artifacts.

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Harness is categorized as:

Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Continuous Verification, Cloud Cost Management, and Continuous Features (Coming Soon)


Electric Cloud helps organizations deliver better software faster by automating, and accelerating build, deployment, and release processes.

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CloudBees Electric Cloud is categorized as:

Continuous Delivery

We’re the best Continuous Delivery solution, see for yourself.

Harness DevOps Tools Vs. CloudBees Electric Cloud

Harness CD

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Self-Service Deployments

Harness is one of the premier tools available for handling Kubernetes -based deployments.

Harjot GillGeneral Manager, Epoch, Nutanix

Harness allows our developers to deploy themselves without speaking to Ops. Openbank strives for technical excellence. With Harness, we get that for software delivery.

Kavier RosHead of Architecture, OpenBank
Self-Service Deployments

We’ve searched high and low and couldn’t locate any customer testimonials for Electric Cloud…

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