Discover Dollar Saves 70% On Their Cloud Bill

Discover Dollar made idle cost management easy with Harness. See how you can too.

Bhargav Brahmbhatt
Last updated
August 3, 2021
Discover Dollar Saves 70% On Their Cloud Bill


Discover Dollar helps enterprises identify and resolve overpayments and leakages by analyzing a vast amount of data, including unstructured data like emails, with Machine Learning and AI. Their solution is sought after by Fortune 500 companies like Target and Metro and they’ve recovered over $300 million to date! Additionally, they have won many awards, including:

  1. “Global Most Innovative Solution”​ by SAP in Orlando, Florida.
  2. “AnthahPrerana”​ Award by Microsoft, TiE Bangalore, and the Government of Karnataka.
  3. “Top Retail Solution Provider”​ by CIOReview.

Too Much Wastage, Too Much Cloud Spend

When Harness met Discover Dollar, they were using AWS and Digital Ocean, and that involved lots of testing. Most of their experimental servers were very large (200 GB RAM) and the price to run them was exorbitant.

“We were in a situation where we were already struggling with manually stopping servers and managing costs.” - Dheemanth R | CTO | Discover Dollar

Discover Dollar was enamored with Harness’ Intelligent Cloud AutoStopping feature, which automatically stops resources that are no longer in use and restarts them when needed. They had actually tried building their own solution in house, as prior to Harness, there wasn’t a viable auto-stopping solution on the market.

With their homegrown solution, they had to take snapshots of their running instances every morning and evening so that they could terminate them and avoid dealing with idle costs. They didn’t get charged for terminated instances, but still got charged for shut-down instances, which is why they had to do this.

“This process was becoming an impossible task for our engineering team.” - Dheemanth R | CTO | Discover Dollar

Because of all of this, Dheemanth was thrilled when he found out about Harness – the solution was perfect for what they needed!

Getting Started With Intelligent Cloud AutoStopping

Implementing Harness Cloud Cost Management, in Dheemanth’s own words, was “one of the easiest setups I’ve seen.” The fact that everything is fully automated blew Dheemanth away – he believes innovation like this should be native functionality on any cloud cost management platform.

“It was one of the easiest setups I’ve seen.” - Dheemanth R | CTO | Discover Dollar

In fact, Dheemanth recommends Harness Cloud Cost Management to a wide spectrum of organizations, including companies just starting off, and large companies with thousands of instances to manage.

Getting set up was simple for the Discover Dollar team. For Intelligent Cloud AutoStopping, they simply needed to set up the gateway for the resources they wanted managed, set up routing, and voila! They were on the path to no idle cloud costs. Initial setup is complete within a few hours, and at that point, you start reaping the benefits on your cloud bill.

When it comes to cloud cost, Dheemanth had a valuable tidbit to share:

“With cloud computing, what you mostly pay for is not what you use, but what you’ve allocated that sits idle. It can be very tricky to cut that waste down and optimize it. Intelligent Cloud AutoStopping is a must for beginners and large teams alike, bringing a huge benefit to cash flow. I also love spot orchestration – it brings savings to our production workloads.

The Results

When we talked to Dheemanth, we weren’t surprised to hear about the massive cloud bill savings that Harness Cloud Cost Management made possible for Discover Dollar – results in line with Harness’ expectations.

“The total savings we’ve been able to bring in is easily 60-70% of our cloud bill.” - Dheemanth R | CTO | Discover Dollar

Best of all, the experience was seamless for the developers. Harness handled turning off idle instances in the background, eliminating the manual toil they were undertaking. And developers could work normally, as if the instances were always online, because Harness automatically detected incoming load and turned them back on just in time. It meant Discover Dollar could reduce their cloud costs without any impact on the developer experience.

With savings like that, and a sharp decrease in pain and toil, why don’t you give Harness Cloud Cost Management – and its valuable Intelligent Cloud AutoStopping feature – a spin? Try it today.

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