Forrester Now Tech: Integrated Software Delivery Platforms, Q2 2022

Forrester’s Overview of 26 Integrated Software Delivery Platform Providers

An Integrated Software Delivery Platform helps automate and improve each segment of the software development and delivery value stream, according to Forrester. They can also help administer and operate DevOps platforms at scale, and more. But reaping the many benefits requires navigating a widely assorted vendor landscape. 

Forrester has done that heavy lifting with the Now Tech: Integrated Software Delivery Platforms, Q2 2022 report, and Harness has your complimentary copy. 

Download the report to learn:

  • The value you can expect from an ISDP 
  • The four segments of the vendor landscape 
  • Forrester’s top 3 considerations for choosing an IDSP

See how your organization can deliver software with less maintenance and higher productivity – Get your copy of the Forrester report today!

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