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Administrating Harness

April 14-15, 10-1pm PT


Administrating Harness

Duration: 6 hours

Who’s it for?

Harness Administrators

Course Summary

This course covers all aspects of Harness administration. Students will learn the following topics: best practices for deploying and configuring Harness Delegates, setting up connections to cloud providers and other 3rd party systems that make up deployments, managing users and authorization, secrets, the Harness API, and much more.


  • Harness Basics Review
  • Architecting and deploying Harness delegates
  • Setting up cloud providers and connectors
  • Incorporating Continuous Verification data sources
  • Using Gitops/Config-as-Code
  • Authorization and audit
  • Using secrets and scoping in Harness
  • Harness API
  • Day-to-day administration
Professor Canary – HarnessU On-Demand


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