Automated Feature Toggle Software
Ship Features 60% Faster With Less Risk
  • Quickly release features with confidence with real-time flag updates and a fast, secure architecture
  • De-risk feature release with progressive rollouts & automated health-checks.
  • End to end visibility and management of feature flags via the Harness platform.
  • Helps you go from simplified, standalone toggles to smart, automated Feature Flags that increase velocity and reduce risk with powerful flag-based Pipelines with scheduling, approvals, and with ML-based verifications.
  • Integrates with CI/CD, policy management, global governance and auditing, role-based access controls, and pipelines to turn feature flags into a native part of your software delivery processes.
  • Leverages YAML and config as code for GitOps, allowing developers to see and modify feature flags with Git as a source of truth aligning feature flags with engineering best practices.
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