Continuous Integration (CI)

Drone vs Gitlab

Take Source Code to Artifact On-Demand with Drone by Harness.

Harness Platform CICD Tools

Drone by Harness is a self-service CI solution that is container-native so all builds are isolated, and all extensions are standardized.

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Harness is categorized as:

Continuous Integration


GitLab (CI) works to integrate code provided by your team in a shared repository. Developers share the new code in a merge request (MR).

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Gitlab is categorized as:

Continuous Integration

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Harness DevOps Tools Vs. GitLab

Drone by Harness

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Self-Service Deployments

When we started using containers, Drone was the obvious choice. We moved from
Jenkins CI/CD to Drone.


Its flexible yet standardized nature enables our teams to unify on a plugin-extensible, ready-to-use CI/CD pipeline that supports any custom build environment.

SourceThe New York Times

Self-Service Deployments

It’s highly monolithic [so] if some feature fails, most of the times everything fails. It’s not easy to clusterize the service. It’s not easy to update, nor to migrate to a new server.


Like: GitLab is a good tool for source control, storing code repos, collaborating with others. Dislike: GitLab always seems to have outages and then pushing and pulling to gitlab is not possible until it is resolved.

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