Our Secret Sauce.

Continuous security. Freedom with control.

You want your teams to move fast while
ensuring deployment security and compliance.

With Harness They Can…

Role-based access control.Single-Sign-On integration for LDAP & SAML allows you to control permissions and access to continuous deployment pipelines, applications, and environments.
Secrets management. Shhh.Harness allows you to manage your secrets (API keys, passwords, certificates, etc.) with integration for common stores like Amazon KMS and Hashicorp Vault.
Compliance rules. Check.Harness continuous verification ensures that your continuous deployments meet performance, quality and security standards set by your teams.
Audit Trails. Who, what, when. Every pipeline, workflow, step, execution, and change is audited by Harness so you have a complete trail of all user activity.

Access control, secrets, compliance, audits and more.
All managed by Harness.