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Glenn Turner Jr.

Senior Software Engineer

Discover Financial Services

Glenn Turner Jr. is a Senior Software Engineer at Discover Financial Services. He delivers software and creates best practices for continuous delivery. Glenn began his career at Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), where he worked with CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery) tooling to create and automate their software delivery pipelines. Leveraging his DevOps and delivery expertise, Glenn joined Discover at the start of 2020 to simplify their continuous delivery processes.

Hero’s Current Activity

The Journey to Mastering Continuous Delivery:

The Challenges

  • Heavy scripting to deliver an opinionated pipeline. “Most functionalities were built in house resulting in complex integrations and high maintenance and support effort.”

  • Supporting failing pipelines and non-standard pipelines as a result of application teams controlling their own release strategies.
  • Configuration changes and platform upgrades with agent-based deployment tools.

The Goals

  • DevOps should be able to easily fine-tune existing pipelines for future changes.

The Dream

  • With Harness, Discover aims to provide opinionated pipelines for developers to follow which will govern the processes in which applications are deployed.
  • With the use of Harness’ API and GitOps, Discover was able to automate the application and user onboarding experience.

  • The simplicity of Harness will allow Glenn and his team to focus on the continued maturation of the delivery pipeline.


Take advantage of automation. “The primary goal of DevOps is to expedite the frequent delivery of value to the customer via delivery pipelines focused on quality, security, and automation.”

“Aim for reusable processes while being flexible enough to support future capabilities.”

There are certain cases that just aren’t covered with standard pipelines and workflows. By offering opinionated yet flexible templated pipelines, application teams aren’t forced to recreate the wheel every time there is a one-off edge case that needs to be fulfilled.

“The simplicity of Harness… makes everybody’s life easier on both the development side as well as the administration side.”

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