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Maya Shallouf

Senior Software Engineer

Maya Shallouf is a Senior Software Engineer at LogMeIn. With 12 years of engineering experience, Maya has worked in different computing areas, including engineering, quality, and DevOps. Today, Maya leverages her expertise, building Kubernetes-native resources, operators, and applications for the cloud. Her most recent accomplishments involve utilizing the Kubernetes operator framework to migrate software, designed to be deployed to on-prem data centers and into the cloud, and her cloud engineering excellence, which accelerated the testing process through on-demand deployments and parallel execution of the tests.

Hero’s Current Activity

The Journey to Mastering Continuous Delivery:

  • Container technologies and cloud services provided a new opportunity for organizations to invest in their delivery processes. For software delivery, this involved custom solutions for configuration, orchestration, lifecycle management.
  • The purpose of the new focus on cloud and container orchestration solutions was to solve common software delivery challenges and needs.
  • As engineers, this meant leveraging tools in the cloud-native ecosystem or building and investing engineering effort on homegrown solutions.

The Goals

  • Reduce engineering effort and time in customizing deployment pipelines.
  • Improve efficiency and faster deployment cycles across container-native applications.

The Dream

  • Support for native Kubernetes deployments and standard practices involving infrastructure and pipeline configuration.
  • Direct engagement across teams. The wide adoption of standardized pipelines where development teams decide for themselves when to start a deployment or progress through a deployment stage.

Advice to Organizations going on DevOps Journeys:


  • “Make up a plan on how to measure the ‘fit’ level of different tools for your needs and evaluate according to it.” Stay open-minded, even if your tools work today, keep looking at emerging trends and new ways of working with software technologies.
  • Enterprises adopt more automation practices into their CI/CD process because it’s key for survival and, if played right, a critical competitive advantage.
  • CICD helps to shift left, focusing on quality, short verification cycles, and delivery in the early stages of the development cycle, and by that avoid big-bang style deployments.

“Harness provides a great integration with Kubernetes that allows us to see tremendous value. It provides integrations for ticketing, approval, and verification, which makes it easy for us to focus on building CD pipelines that fit applications’ requirements.”

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