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Senior Software Engineer

Michael Baraboo is a Senior Software Engineer at Datastax. Prior to Datastax, Michael empowered CI/CD processes and software development at companies like Dunami and Garmin. He’s worked with Big Data, automated routing with HAProxy and Consul, and Terraform. As a DevOps practitioner, Michael currently works with Kubernetes management and GoLang development.

Hero’s Current Activity

The Journey to Mastering Continuous Delivery:

The Challenges

  • “The biggest challenge is always coming up with a solution that can adapt to your ongoing changes. Cornerstone assumptions can change quickly, like your artifact server or the platforms you need to support for deployment, so having layerable and configurable actions in your pipelines is a must.”
  • A delivery process that scales with decisions and ecosystem changes.
  • Onboarding applications.
  • Setting conventions while enabling automation.

The Goals

  • A reliable CI/CD process.
  • “Fast and reliable CI/CD processes get code out the door quickly so people can focus on getting new features to production. When everything works just right it definitely creates a sense of confidence across the teams that makes people’s work experience better.”
  • Idempotent processes: “Being able to retry an API call, job, or script with no concern for duplications or conflicts”

The Dream

  • A GitOps approach to DevOps to facilitate easy rollback of changes and onboarding new applications.
  • Integrations with technologies like Kubernetes, AWS, and Github.
  • Visibility into deployments, “what versions of our applications are deployed anywhere at any given moment.


  • “Be flexible. DevOps may manage the vessel for continuous delivery, but it’s not worth much if you aren’t delivering anything. Be willing to jump in and help out wherever you can, even if it means writing Javascript.”


  • “Always stand to be a leader for change. DevOps teams are a force multiplier for the productivity in a company and should always be looking at ways they can contribute to improving the landscape for everyone else.”
  • On the topic of adopting solutions: “Make sure to allocate enough time to proof-of-concept work when investigating a new tool. If you have a well-established process and just need a tool that’s easier to manage or costs less, then take the time to ensure that the options you’re looking at will work for you. It’s easy to get started with a tool only to realize later it doesn’t fit your paradigms due to technical limitations, and finding that out after signing a contract can be devastating.

“The GitOps approach to DevOps is one of my favorites and Harness handles it wonderfully. It facilitates easy rollback of changes and makes onboarding new applications a simple script and PR process.”

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