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Sylvain Boily

DevOps Manager
Nuance Communications

Sylvain Boily is a DevOps Manager on the Nuance Communications’ core platform R&D team. He started his career in test automation and test-driven development after earning a degree in electrical engineering from Concordia University. His interest in software automation led him to optimize performance on a variety of platforms and underlying infrastructure, including Kubernetes. Today, Sylvain leads cloud infrastructure for Nuance’s core platform team, which is focused on continuously increasing delivery velocity through agile methodologies, and developing market-leading Conversational AI and Security AI services.

Hero’s Current Activity

The Journey to Mastering Continuous Delivery:

The Challenges

  • As an automation engineer, Sylvain is focused on automation, configuring, and managing Kubernetes and cloud technologies.
  • His interest in DevOps drove him to build the Nuance core platform cloud-native monitoring stack.
  • Sylvain’s current role is to deliver solutions based on DevOps best practices. He has done this by automating the majority of Nuance’s core platform infrastructure, introducing agile methodologies, and creating full infrastructure as code solutions.

The Goals

  • Establish best practices and create templates that the delivery teams can use to deploy and provision environments on their own.
  • Get full [software delivery] functionality in the tight schedule they had to work in.

The Dream

  • Kubernetes support and standardizing practices that help show “developers the basics of Kubernetes”
  • Integration and simplified management of Jira tickets and other internal services.


  • “Understand the mentality of agility.” Don’t use DevOps as a loose term. You need leadership support, not just technical acceptance. You may need to break up certain internal groups as well, as your organization gets committed to breaking silos, introducing cross-functional delivery teams, and succeeding through DevOps practices.
  • “DevOps” has been a popular term for a while, but it shouldn’t be a job title. ”It’s a way of doing things.” DevOps skills aren’t necessarily taught in schools, it is experience learned in the field.

“The Harness delegate was able to talk to my internal Jira and Version Control System out of the box.”

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