Continuous Security

Governance and Compliance For All Your Pipelines

Harness Continuous Delivery - Continuous Security - Product Feature

Role-Based Access Control

Harness provides native SSO integration with granular permissions so you can control and map access across teams, services, and environments.

Audit Trails

No change is left behind. Make compliance audits a breeze with a complete catalog and history of all user, pipeline, and deployment events.

Harness Continuous Delivery - Audit Trails - Product Feature
Harness Continuous Delivery - Continuous Security - Secrets Management

Secrets Management

Harness provides its own native SecretStore or integrates with your own HashiCorp Vault, CyberArk, AWS KMS/Key Store or Azure Key Vault.

Pipeline Governance

Create and Enforce Governance Standards so deployment pipelines and teams are in compliance with security guidelines.

Harness Continuous Delivery - Pipeline Governance - Continuous Security - Product Feature
Harness Continuous Delivery Platform - Continuous Security - ISO Compliant

ISO 27001 Compliant

Harness has gone thru industry standard security and compliance certifications.

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