Cloud Cost Management

Empower Developers and DevOps Teams with Cloud Cost Visibility 
So They Can Pro-Actively Manage Cloud Spend. 

Continuous Efficiency - Product Screenshot - Main Overview

Cloud Cost Visibility For Developers and DevOps Teams

Harness Continuous Efficiency gives engineers the context and visibility they need to see and manage cloud costs by:
– Application
– Microservice
– Environment
– Cluster (inc. Namespace/Workload)
– Deployment
– Configuration Change

Full support for AWS, GCP and Azure Cloud Providers.

Harness Customer - GoSpotCheck

Our engineers are now one-click away from accessing cloud cost data inside their CD platform.

Nick Wilson
VP TechOps, GoSpotCheck

Root Cost Analysis for Kubernetes and AWS ECS

Harness Continuous Efficiency provides  granular cost visibility of Kubernetes and AWS ECS Clusters, Namespaces, Workloads, Nodes, and even Pods.

It shows developers the real utilized, idle, and unallocated costs of their containerized microservices so they can quickly debug inefficiencies and optimize them.

Harness Continuous Efficiency - Root Cost Analysis

Tagging is Optional, Not Required.

Yep, thats right.

Harness Continuous Efficiency provides application, microservice, environment and cluster visibility out-of-the-box with no tagging.

Basically, you can stop playing tag with your cloud infrastructure.

Cost Governance

Set budgets and thresholds for cloud spend across applications, clusters and environments.

Alert and report based off actual or forecasted cloud spend so your engineers get a heads up on cost spikes.

Continuous Efficiency - Product Screenshot - Cloud Budget History
Harness Customer - Relativity

During the first 30 days with Harness CE we saw a noticeable change, with six-figure annualized savings.

Shelby Lewin
Technical Product Manager, Relativity

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