Migrating From Monoliths to Microservices

From Kubernetes to Helm to Istio to Canary,
Continuous Delivery has never been so simple.

Harness - a Spinnaker Alternative

Deployment Pipelines
For Old and New Apps

Migration from monoliths doesn’t happen overnight. Harness supports traditional artifacts and tech stacks like JBoss, Tomcat and IIS in addition to cloud-native ones like Kubernetes, Helm and Istio. 

Harness Customer - Ruckus Wireless

We can now onboard new Kubernetes microservices in the same day instead of one week.

Rajesh Zala
Director of Cloud Engineering, Ruckus Wireless

Managing Microservices Deployment Dependencies

Harness Microservice Flow Control allows developers to orchestrate microservices dependancies across deployment pipelines so that microservices reach a steady state before they are verified and invoked by real users.

Harness Continuous Delivery - Monolith to Microservices

Know The Real Impact of All Microservice Deployments

Harness Service Impact Verification will verify the performance and quality of all upstream and downstream microservices that are impacted by a deployment.

Microservices Analytics

Harness Continuous Insights enable dev teams to measure their software delivery performance across all their microservices.

Harness Continuous Delivery - Monolith to Microservices
Harness Customer - LogMeIn

With Harness, deployment time went from 10-12 hours to 30 minutes.

Kyle Flavin
Staff Software Engineer, LogMeIn

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