Cloud Momentum: From Azure to GCP

May 6th @2 pm PT


Daniel Lam

Product Marketing Manager, Harness

Rohan Gupta

Senior Product Manager, Harness

Anubhaw Srivastava

Director of Engineering, Harness

More and more Enterprise companies are turning to multi-cloud architectures to combat high cloud costs, vendor lock-in, and improve uptime for their customers. Gartner found that more than 81% of organizations running in the cloud use two or more public cloud providers. However, successfully pulling off multi-cloud architecture can take multiple tools and dedicated engineers, which often slows teams down.

Harness recently announced continued support for multi-cloud customers through our recent cloud updates for AWS GovCloud, Microsoft Azure, and GCP. It is easier now than ever to consolidate the build, deploy, verification, and cost management into a single, streamlined platform.

Join our upcoming session with Harness PM, Rohan Gupta, for an inside look at our recent updates including:

  • New cloud support for Azure and GCP
  • Upcoming plans and continued support for cloud-based customers

And that’s not all…we’ll start with an open discussion on our recent features and conclude with a multi-cloud demo exhibiting a simultaneous deployment to GCP, Azure, and AWS. Sign up to join us!

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