Value Stream Management 101

Tuesday, June 23rd at 10 am PT

Harness Webinar - Value Stream Management

DevOps adoption rates have quickly risen throughout organizations that own software services. For many of these organizations looking to scale their efforts beyond pilots and one-off initiatives, they often find themselves on the curve of diminishing returns.

Value stream management is a lean business process that helps organization leaders track the value of their software efforts and resources. Using value stream management practices, you can optimize your flow of materials and information by lowering costs and improving value adds.

Harness is here to help accelerate your software delivery, so join this webinar to learn:


  • How to improve and scale your DevOps journey
  • How to use value stream mapping to understand your value proposition, and better
  • The best practices for value stream management

Presented by:

Tiffany Jachja

Tiffany Jachja Continuous Delivery & DevOps Evangelist

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