If You’re Evaluating XebiaLabs Competitors, Check Out Harness.

Xebia Labs Competitors Include Harness: Continuous Delivery

XebiaLabs was one of the first vendors in the release management space, and it has accomplished a lot in the 10 years since it was founded. But Harness is a modern Continuous Delivery platform built for containers, microservices, and Kubernetes. If you’re evaluating XebiaLabs competitors, you owe it to yourself to check out Harness.

Harness is the first Continuous Delivery platform that provides much more than just release management. It’s focused on helping DevOps and engineering teams deliver code to production safely, securely, and repeatably–and accelerating the pace of deployments to achieve true “Continuous Delivery.”

One of the aspects of Harness that truly makes us different is the way we bring together Continuous Delivery and Machine Learning. We integrate with your monitoring tools (such as AppDynamics, New Relic, Dynatrace, and Datadog) as well as logging tools (such as Splunk, SumoLogic, and ELK) in order to verify the success of production deployments when we sense failure. At the same time, we’re able to initiate automatic rollbacks. We hear from our customers that these unique features save them countless peoplehours.

In addition, Harness keeps a laser-like focus on simplicity and usability. Harness can be set up, implemented, and providing value in about a day–versus weeks or months of laborious implementation time. It’s notable that XebiaLabs provides three products in order to perform its release management service; Harness offers a single platform for the entire modern CD function.

Harness Offers Three Unique Features that Distinguish it from XebiaLabs

Harness Continuous Delivery

Continuous Verifications and Rollbacks.

You no longer have to deploy to production and know if it works if “the site stays up.” Instead, Harness can immediately tell if your deployment was successful–and if it fails, it can initiate an automatic rollback.

Harness Continuous Delivery - Templatize CD Pipelines

Repeatable Process through Templates.

Complex deployment strategies such as rolling, blue/green, and canary are quick and simple with the Harness template library. Do it once and repeat easily–each and every time.

Harness Continuous Delivery - Compliance Protocols

Support for Compliance & Security Rules.

Harness builds enterprise-grade security into every aspect of the deployment pipeline. We manage your secrets and provide a full audit trail. This is DevSecOps at its best.

XebiaLabs is a respected legacy player in the release management space, but we believe Harness is designed for more modern environments to truly meet the promise of Continuous Delivery. Customers who have migrated from XL to Harness have commented upon its machine learning capabilities, its ease of use and time-to-value, and the fact that it’s built for modern environments such as Kubernetes as well as traditional monoliths.

Harness Customer - LogMeIn

With Harness, deployment time went from 10-12 hours to 30 minutes.

Kyle Flavin
Staff Software Engineer, LogMeIn

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