Continuous Insights

Measure and Know Your Ship.

Harness Continuous Delivery Platform - Continuous Insights
  • Lead Time
  • Deployment Velocity
  • MTTR
  • Change Failure Rate

Harness lets you measure your software delivery performance across all teams and services with analytics you can trust.

Widget Library &
Custom DevOps Analytics Dashboards

Build personalized insights for your apps, teams, and pipelines, in seconds, using our widget library.

Harness Continuous Delivery - Continuous Insights - Library Dashboard
Tag Management with Harness Continuous Delivery - Delivering Continuous Insights

Tag Management

Enrich your pipeline objects with context, and metadata, so you can optimize your insights.


Export Harness DevOps analytics insights into your own data warehouse using our API

Harness API Explorer - Harness Continuous Delivery

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