Smart Automation

Build Deployment Pipelines in minutes, not weeks.

AWS. GCP. Azure. Kubernetes. Lambda. Whatever.

Harness integrates with all clouds and tech stacks in minutes and uses its abstraction model to eliminate dependencies so continuous delivery pipelines aren’t brittle.

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Automated Canary.
Pipeline Templates? You Got It.

Harness supports all release strategies like rolling, blue/green, canary, and multi-service deployments so you can build and templatize complex deployment strategies in minutes.

Auto-Ticketing & Approvals

Harness integrates with JIRA and ServiceNow so you can audit all pipeline and deployment status in tickets, and also use tickets as approval gates for pipeline stages.

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UI. Wizards.
YAML & GitOps.

Manage continuous delivery pipelines however you want. Knock yourself out via our UI, wizards, or YAML API with complete support for GitOps and pipelines-as-code.

We Do That, Too.

Harness allows you to provision and decommission infrastructure on-the-fly when your continuous delivery pipelines run.

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