The holidays are upon us and Harness continues to give in the form of new product functionality. As usual we have been busy adding features, squishing bugs, and creating content to show more cheer in the land of CI/CD. Read on to find out what we’ve been up to in December. If you enjoy reading release notes you can find the latest on the Harness docs site. On to the updates…

Continuous Efficiency – Save Your Filters and Groups as Perspectives

Continuous Efficiency (CE) is great for slicing and dicing your cloud cost data – looking for all the ways you can optimize your cloud spend. Until now, you had to perform the same filtering and grouping every time you used CE. With Harness’ release of Perspectives that toil has been removed for good. Perspectives allow you to create a set of filters and grouping, schedule reports, and save them for later use whenever you need them. Each user can create many perspectives and share them with other users. You’re going to love this time saving new capability from Harness.

List of all Perspectives available to this user.

Detail screen of a single Perspective.

Continuous Efficiency (CE) Now Available on AWS Marketplace

When software is available on the AWS marketplace it makes for a much easier buying process. You can now take advantage of your company’s pre-committed AWS spend to purchase Harness CE. There’s no need to go through the hassle of requesting new budget. Simply start the buying process through the AWS marketplace and the proper accounting is initiated automatically. It’s never been easier to take control over your cloud bills.

GCP Workload Identity Support

Harness users now have the ability to use Harness Delegates and Workload Identity to authenticate GCP services like accessing artifacts from GCS and Google cloud build. Instead of providing service account keys to Harness, users can now select specific delegates while creating a GCP cloud provider.

This makes managing key rotations simple since users just need to install the delegate in the GKE instance with the workload identity setup.

Creating HashiCorp Vault Secret Manager via API

User’s can now create a HashiCorp Vault Secrets Manager via API. This automates the creation of HashiCorp Vault Secrets Managers in Harness. Users can also scope the configured secrets manager to specific applications and environments via the API, and any underlying secrets that are added will inherit the scoping.

Notable Mentions in the Press

Harness has been in the press in the month of November. Here are the links.

Upcoming Virtual Events

Looking Ahead

There are some great – dare we say, fantastic – things happening at Harness in Q1 2021. We’ve been working hard to bring you some of our biggest updates and features – keep your eyes peeled all through the quarter, but for now, we’re giving hints on the first half. 

Here’s a preview:

  • Drone 2.0 – so much open source CI goodness
  • A new, unique feature for our CD platform. Here’s a hint: ice, ice, baby.
  • Dashboards a-plenty!
  • AWS GovCloud – the government will have never deployed so smoothly
  • Beta, Beta, Beta … yep, 3X the beta, 3X the fun.

We’re excited – and you should be, too!

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