Chaos Engineering

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Improve application resiliency and reduce costly downtime

Run controlled 'chaos' experiments to understand how real-world stress and failures impact your systems. Create more reliable applications and infrastructure.

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Harness Chaos Engineering lets us easily incorporate simple chaos experiments into already existing clusters. Since it provides native Kubernetes support, it's easy to understand and modify.

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Chaos Starts Where Testing Ends

Testing within your CI/CD pipelines helps to create quality software, but this testing doesn’t account for reliability stresses that could impact systems once that software is deployed in the real world.

Chaos Engineering steps beyond traditional testing by-combining your deployments with the infrastructure they run on, and demonstrating how your systems will respond to real world failure scenarios.

Create Systems-Level Resiliency, Avoid Downtime

Harness CE helps you find your system’s weak points using controlled systems-level failure experiments, and equips you with the information you need to prevent them from happening in the future. The result? Increased systems reliability and less downtime.

Why Harness Chaos Engineering

Proactively Address Points of Failure

Harness CE equips you with the understanding of how your systems behave under highly controlled, real world failure scenarios to increase your system’s reliability and help you avoid downtime.

CI/CD Pipeline Integrated

Systems’ reliability, and protecting your business from the costs of downtime, is a team sport. Chaos isn’t only for SRE… Harness engages all teams spanning dev, DevOps, SRE, and any one else involved in your SDLC to create reliable systems.

Largest Chaos Experiment Library

The largest and most diverse set of chaos experiments available today, spanning pod, node, network, stress, cloud services, and application chaos testing. Users can also create their own experiments and can contribute them back to the public ChaosHub catalog.

Fully Isolated

Support for on-premises, air-gapped installations, means businesses can use Harness CE without any risk of exposing where your vulnerabilities may be to any 3rd parties.

Enterprise and Private ChaosHubs

Take advantage of the full library of chaos experiments from the Harness Enterprise ChaosHub library of experiments, a complete library of “ready-to-clone” experiments with coverage across multiple cloud providers and platforms. Leverage the UI for complete control over managing, running, and scheduling experiments to easily collaborate across teams. Create your own (Private ChaosHub) library to store your own experiments or contribute them back to the public community.

Integration with Observability Systems

With included integrations to leading observability systems such as Dynatrace and Prometheus, Harness CE ensures that all involved in your SDLC can see results of your chaos experiments and make reliability improvements accordingly.

How Harness Chaos Engineering Works

Select Chaos Experiments from ChaosHub

Choose an experiment for your Kubernetes and non-Kubernetes targets spanning AWS, GCP, Azure, or self-hosted environments.

AI/ML-Driven Workflows
AI/ML-Driven Workflows

Run Set of Chaos Experiments on Target Systems

The experiments will simulate real world stresses on your systems.

Observe Results of Experiments

The experiments will show you where the vulnerabilities are in your systems.

AI/ML-Driven Workflows
AI/ML-Driven Workflows

Use Learning to Improve Reliability

Increase the reliability of your systems to decrease downtime risk.

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