Cloud Cost Management

Google Cloud Billing vs Harness

A cloud cost solution that Developers and DevOps teams can actually use.

Harness Platform CICD Tools

Harness Cloud Cost Management empowers engineers with cloud cost visibility of their apps, microservices, and clusters.

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Harness is categorized as:

Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Cloud Cost Management, Cloud Cost Optimization, AI/ML Verification


Cloud Billing allows you to make changes to your billing account settings, set up budgets and alerts, view payment history, and export billing data.

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GCP Billing is categorized as:

Cloud Management

We’re the best solution to track your cloud costs.

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Cloud Cost Management

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Self-Service Deployments

During the first 30 days with Harness we saw a noticeable change in our cloud spend, with six-figure annualized savings.

Shelby LewinTechnical Product Manager, Relativity

Our engineers are now one-click away from accessing cloud cost data inside their CD platform. Developers can now contextualize cloud cost relative to their applications and microservices.

Nick WilsonVP TechOps, GoSpotCheck
Self-Service Deployments

The UI is a common problem with many Google products. It takes forever to find an option you’re looking for and it feels too complex for something that could be fairy simple and straightforward.


Customer support was a mixed bag, would have liked more responsiveness for sev 1 issues. On several occasions GCP had a major outage, down for 2-3 days which is not acceptable.

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