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Harness Cloud Cost Management empowers engineers with cloud cost visibility of their apps, microservices, and clusters.
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Application Resource Management matches application demand to infrastructure supply to continuously ensure application performance.
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Cloud Cost Management

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Harness Cloud Cost Management Vs. Turbonomic
  • Before We Begin…

    When looking at Turbonomic, we weren’t sure if they truly belonged in our tool comparison pages. Frankly, Turbonomic is more of an enterprise-grade ARM (Application Resource Management) tool than a cloud cost management tool – think of it as helping to manage cloud costs by way of managing your infrastructure efficiency, rather than directly being built to solve cloud cost problems.

    Therefore, it may miss on some of the visibility, forecasting, or savings features that cloud cost management tools provide. It’s a very complex tool with lots of options on the platform, as evidenced by the almost 250 page user guide.

    However, since it does offer some cloud cost management features, we opted to include it and let you judge for yourself if it is best for your use case and size of organization. As an interesting aside, IBM announced they are acquiring Turbonomic to build the industry’s most comprehensive AIOps capabilities for the hybrid cloud.

  • Tag Management Required:
    Great tagging is basically a requirement to get the full value out of Turbonomic’s resource management capabilities. The tool still relies heavily on customers creating, applying, and maintaining good tagging policies to get granular control over resources and workflows. Note that the level of tagging detail and maintenance required may vary greatly from what you might see in other cloud cost management tools.
  • Visibility:
    Turbonomic sadly doesn’t provide any of this visibility. Harness Cloud Cost Management, however, understands the importance of granular visibility – without requiring tagging – on all major cloud providers and Kubernetes.
  • Cluster Visibility (Kubernetes/ECS):
    Turbonomic does not provide this information. If you run your cloud workloads using Kubernetes as your tool of choice, this will not be the right tool for you. Harness truly shines in Kubernetes cost management and provides valuable visibility that other tools often fail to offer.
  • Root Cost Analysis (3 Metrics):
    Turbonomic provides no information whatsoever on idle, unallocated, and utilized costs within Kubernetes. Because these are crucial to understand resource efficiency in Kubernetes, Harness surfaces this information out of the box.
  • Cloud Event Correlation:
    To correlate feature releases or engineering deployments with changes in cloud costs, a cloud cost management tool needs to have context behind an organization’s Continuous Delivery pipelines. Turbonomic has no way of getting this context. Harness ties right into a customer’s pipelines to make the correlation between deployments and cost changes.
  • Cost Recommendations:
    Turbonomic offers downsizing opportunities and can provide recommendations, but it’s a different approach. Harness focuses on providing cost optimization recommendations for Kubernetes workloads. This allows customers to simply use existing resources in more efficient ways – no need to validate purchase, downsizing, and rightsizing recommendations that change the composition of the infrastructure. Turbonomic focuses more on surfacing optimizations that are available and that it has automatically acted on, instead of surfacing opportunities and giving the user choice in what to implement.
  • Anomaly Detection:
    Harness provides the ability for customers to automatically flag and drill down to any anomalous cost spikes, avoiding end-of-month surprises. Leveraging machine learning that customizes itself to a customer’s environment, including seasonality, customers are able to proactively detect and resolve cost spikes. Turbonomic does not provide any insights into unexpected cost spikes.
  • Key Takeaways:

    If you’re a large organization with a data center on premises or are in a hybrid cloud environment, Turbonomic seems like a good solution. It’s not a cloud cost management tool in and of itself though, describing itself as an ARM. While it does have some cool AI-powered features like their Actions that can automatically reallocate resources, alert you of thresholds, and notify you of resource starvation, its main purpose really isn’t cloud cost management, but rather resource efficiency optimization. It falls short on clear needs for cloud cost management, missing advanced features like What If analysis and Anomaly Detection, and even basic cloud cost reporting.

    If you’re looking for rich multi-cloud and container cost visibility, savings, and forecasting, Harness Cloud Cost Management is the clear winner. Harness understands the pressure on engineering and financial management teams, and the requirement to paint a full picture of cloud costs that includes container costs. Harness is a low-effort solution that gets customers more value out of the cloud.

*Please note: Our competitors, just like us, release updates to their products on a regular cadence. We keep these pages updated to the best of our ability, but there are bound to be discrepancies. For the most up-to-date information on competitor features, browsing the competitor’s new release pages and communities are your best bet.

Cloud Cost Management

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It’s a software that is still not mature and still needs more development and better technical support.
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During the first 30 days with Harness CCM we saw a noticeable change in our cloud spend, with six-figure annualized savings.
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