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ProShare your Deployment Type and Instance Count

Take a 14-Day Trial of our Pro edition. After 14 days the trial becomes our Free Forever Lite edition.

Try for Free
Free Trial Free forever 14-day trial
Applications Unlimited Unlimited
Service Instances 25 Unlimited
Pipelines 3 Unlimited
Users 3 Unlimited
Pipeline Builder Yes Yes
Workflow Wizards Yes Yes
Deployment Strategies (e.g. Canary) Yes Yes
Real-Time Delivery Analytics Yes Yes
Live Notifications Yes Yes
Continuous Verification - Yes
Smart Rollbacks - Yes
Triggers - Yes
Templates - Yes
Configuration As Code - Yes
Enterprise Security
Https Connectivity Yes Yes
Secrets Management - Yes
Compliance Rules - Yes
Audit Trails - Yes
Role Based Access Control - Yes
LDAP & SAML Integration - Yes
Historical Data
Retention Period 2 Days 1 Year
Customer Support
Basic Email Yes Yes
Community Yes Yes
24x7 Support - Yes
Deployment Choice
SaaS Yes Yes
On-Premises No Yes

Pricing FAQs

Q. How much does Harness cost?

Harness is $25/month per service instance. A Service Instance represents any application run-time.

Priced Per Service Instance
Deployment Type Harness Service Instances
Kubernetes Per Pod
Amazon ECS Per Task Instance
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Per App Instance
Straight Docker Per Container
Direct VM Per Application Process (e.g. Java = JVM, .NET = IIS Instance)
Serverless Increments of 1 million function calls

Q. Do you have volume discounts?

Definitely. Use the calculator on top to determine what volume discount is right for your environment. For a custom quote on environments over 5,000 service instances, contact us.

Q. What about elastic environments?

Harness is friendly to bursty, dynamic infrastructures. We only count the 95th percentile usage over 30 days. Active service instances are counted every 10 minutes.

Q. Can't you price per user or deployment?

The goal of Harness is to democratize CD. We don’t want to limit the number of people who have access to deploys, so we don’t price per user. Similarly, pricing per deployment is counterintuitive to DevOps. You want to deploy as much as you can. It only makes sense for us to license what you want us to manage. You want Harness to deploy/verify/rollback all your deployments, everywhere–so that’s the heart of our pricing model.

Here is our overall Terms of Use and End User License Agreement.