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per Service InstanceA Service Instance represents any application run-time - container, pod, VM, process or host. For example, a JVM represents a Service Instance in Java. For Ruby, Node.JS and Python each process would represent a Service Instance.

per 1M/day Serverless function callsServerless applications are priced per million function requests per day and starts at $25/month.

Free Quote
Free Trial Free forever 15-day trial
Applications Unlimited Unlimited
Service Instances 25 Unlimited
Pipelines 3 Unlimited
Users 3 Unlimited
Pipeline Builder Yes Yes
Workflow Wizards Yes Yes
Deployment Strategies (e.g. Canary) Yes Yes
Real-Time Delivery Analytics Yes Yes
Live Notifications Yes Yes
Continuous Verification - Yes
Smart Rollbacks - Yes
Triggers - Yes
Templates - Yes
Configuration As Code - Yes
Enterprise Security
Https Connectivity Yes Yes
Secrets Management - Yes
Compliance Rules - Yes
Audit Trails - Yes
Role Based Access Control - Yes
LDAP & SAML Integration - Yes
Historical Data
Retention Period 2 Days 1 Year
Customer Support
Basic Email Yes Yes
Community Yes Yes
24x7 Support - Yes
Deployment Choice
SaaS Yes Yes
On-Premises No Yes
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