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Take the 15-Day trial (afterwards it becomes our Community Edition).
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Take the 15-Day trial (afterwards it becomes our Community Edition).
Or request a custom quote below.
Free Trial Free forever 15-day trial 15-day trial
Applications Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Services 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Pipelines Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Service Instances 50 Based on Number of Licenses Based on Number of Licenses
Deployments 100-per-day throttle Unlimited Unlimited
Users 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Pipeline Builder Yes Yes Yes
Workflow Wizards Yes Yes Yes
Deployment Strategies (e.g. Canary) Yes Yes Yes
Custom Dashboards Yes
Real-Time Delivery Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Live Notifications Email and Slack Email and Slack Email, Slack, Jira, and ServiceNow
Verification—HTTP Assertions, Jenkins Jobs, Scripts Yes Yes Yes
Continuous Verification: Machine Learning–Based Metrics Analysis Prometheus, CloudWatch, Stackdriver Prometheus, CloudWatch, Stackdriver Prometheus, CloudWatch, Stackdriver, New Relic, AppDynamics, Dynatrace, Datadog, Custom Metrics Providers
Continuous Verification: Machine Learning–Based Log Analysis - - Splunk, Sumo Logic, ELK, Custom Log Providers
Continuous Verification: 24/7 Service Guard - - Yes
Manual Rollbacks Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Rollbacks Yes Yes Yes
Triggers Yes Yes Yes
Infrastructure ProvisionersTerraform, CloudFormation Terraform, CloudFormation Terraform, CloudFormation Terraform, CloudFormation
Template Library—Scripts and Commands - - Yes
Flow Control - - Yes
Configure Harness Using YAML Yes Yes Yes
Git Sync Harness Using YAML Configuration Yes Yes Yes
GitOps—Sandboxing and Change Management - - Yes
Tags Creation and Management—Application Components Yes
Apply and Remove Existing Tags—Application Components Yes Yes Yes
REST API - - Yes
GraphQL API Yes
Enterprise Security
Secure HTTPS Connectivity Yes Yes Yes
Secrets Management Built-In Secret Manager Built-In Secret Manager Custom and Built-In Secret Managers
Audit Trails - - Yes
Role-Based Access Control Administrator Group Only Up to 5 User Groups Advanced, Customizable
IP Whitelisting - - Yes
Two-Factor Authentication - - Yes
Password Strength, Expiration, and Lockout Enforcement - - Yes
SSO (Basic)—Google, Azure, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, LinkedIn Yes Yes Yes
SSO (Advanced)—LDAP, SAML, custom OAuth - - Yes
Governance Rules - - Yes
Approval Flow Manual Manual Jira, ServiceNow, Custom, and Manual
Customer Support
Documentation/Knowledge Base Yes Yes Yes
Community Yes Yes Yes
Real-Time Support - Std. Business Hours (U.S. Pacific Time) Std. Business Hours (U.S. Pacific Time); Optional 24/7 Packages
Deployment Choice
SaaS Yes Yes Yes
On-Premises - Yes Yes
Number of Harness Delegates 1 Unlimited Unlimited
End User License Agreement