Common CI/CD Pipeline Patterns Leveraged by Top DevOps Teams

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Your CI/CD pipeline is the main conduit to get your ideas into production. Unlike design patterns with programming languages that can be almost identical between organizations, CI/CD pipelines can be incredibly unique to each team.

At Harness, we analyzed over 100 customer pipelines to start to build patterns on how best-in-class DevOps teams are delivering their CI/CD pipelines. In this webinar, we will go over what we observed and what can be learned from peer organizations.

In conjunction with a recent book we published at Harness, we will be going over the top five most popular patterns.

This Presentation will cover:

  • How patterns evolve to fit the needs of the organization
  • Conway’s law can still be influential in how CI/CD pipelines are crafted
  • The level of automation is up to you and organizational risk

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Ravi Lachhman

Lead Evangelist


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