The Women of DevOps: Sharyl Jones

The Women of DevOps: Sharyl Jones, VP DevOps & Partner at Indellient Inc.

The Women of DevOps: Ana Margarita Medina

The Women of DevOps: Ana Medina, Senior Chaos Engineer at Gremlin

Everything You Need to Know About Verified GitOps

GitOps: A good start, but how can we make it better? Enter Verified GitOps. Verification in GitOps can be a challenge come and learn from Harness!

What is Gitlab CI?

GitLab CI is one of GitLab’s most successful set of features. Here's our complete GitLab CI Intro and Guide.

Introducing codeAbout Livestream Series for the Harness User Community

We're excited to launch a new livestream series called codeAbout for the Harness user community. We'll be exploring all the nooks and crannies of the Harness ecosystem from CI to CD to Chaos with a rotating cast of special guests.

ShipTalk Podcast - Scaling to Scale - Bob Chen at ADP

In this episode of ShipTalk, we are joined by Bob Chen who is a Director of DevOps at ADP. Bob has been practicing and now leading DevOps organizations since the inception of the term DevOps. Bob talks about the art and tact required to scale your team, technology, and to further the craft.

ShipTalk Podcast - DevOps and Education - David at GoSpotCheck

In this episode of ShipTalk, we have a great conversation with David Sudia who is a Senior DevOps Engineer at GoSpotCheck. Prior to being a DevOps Engineer, David was an educator then software engineer for a large eCommerce site.

ShipTalk Podcast - Always Stay Curious - DevOps Leadership - Frank at DataStax

In this episode of ShipTalk, we talk to Frank Moley who is a Senior Manager of platform engineering at DataStax.

ShipTalk Podcast - A Master Class in DevOps Executive Coaching

In this episode of ShipTalk, we are joined by Joni Klippert who is the CEO of StackHawk. Joni has been in leadership roles in the DevOps space for over a decade helping run and launch exciting products in an ever-evolving space.

ShipTalk Podcast - DevOps from the Ops Side - Chris Jowett at ABC Fitness

There is no one path for a DevOps engineer, learn from Chris as the evolution in operations teams occur how this translates to DevOps. For example number of services supported vs infrastructure support. Chris talks about modern approaches such as not ever patching a system.

The Women of DevOps: Ana Carla Cavalcante

The Women of DevOps: Ana Carla Cavalcante, SRE Manager at Hash

What Is a Software Bill of Materials?

The concept of a SBOM was taken from the manufacturing industry and its purpose is the same: to keep track of components used. Learn more!

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