Harness Acquires CI Pioneer Drone.io and Commits to Open Source

I’m extremely excited to announce that Harness has acquired Drone.io.

Back in 2012, Brad Rydzewski founded an open-source project called Drone. Brad created Drone to empower engineers with a self-service CI platform that was container-native and simple to use and scale. The similarities of why we founded Harness for CD are almost identical.

Drone over the past decade has flourished through its vibrant open source community with over 100m pulls on DockerHub, 50,000+ active users, and 250+ contributors.

At Harness, our mission is to simplify software delivery for engineers and DevOps teams. By acquiring Drone.io, we can accelerate this mission, and at the same time, embrace and commit to the open-source community so we can innovate together.

For the existing Drone community and customer base, nothing will change. Drone will always remain open-source, and Harness will invest significantly over the coming years to its community, platform, and mission. In addition, Harness will also contribute several internal projects later this year to the open-source community.

Together with Drone, we will create a CI/CD platform that is both simple and powerful for engineers to deliver software. It will be built to eliminate engineer toil, scripting, version dependencies, time, cost, and complexity. We want to empower engineers to focus on delivering innovation for their business rather than manually building software delivery pipelines.

I’d like to welcome Brad and the Drone community to Harness, our team is super excited and we can’t wait to make ship happen!

Here’s a 2-minute overview of Drone:


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