Harness Cloud Cost Management

Simplifying Cloud Cost Management for FinOps, Infrastructure & Engineering teams.

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How Harness Cloud Cost Management Works

Harness Cloud Cost Management simplifies cost visibility, savings, and forecasting so teams can spend less time tagging and doing analysis, and get straight to optimizing their spend.

Unique Cloud Cost Visibility

Harness Cloud Cost Management gives engineers the context and visibility they need to see and manage cloud costs by:

  • Application
  • Microservice
  • Environment
  • Cluster (inc. Namespace/Workload)
  • Deployment
  • Configuration Change

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Root Cost Analysis for Kubernetes and AWS ECS

Harness Cloud Cost Management provides granular cost visibility of Kubernetes and AWS ECS Clusters, Namespaces, Workloads, Nodes, and even Pods.

It shows developers the real utilized, idle, and unallocated costs of their microservices so they can quickly debug inefficiencies and optimize them.

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Cloud Cost Budgeting & Forecasting

Set budgets and alerts for cloud spend across applications, clusters, environments, and any other dimension.

Achieve predictable cloud costs with forecasted spend mapped to budgets, minimizing end-of-month surprises. Say goodbye to bill shock.

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Correlate Cloud Events & Cost

Give developers instant feedback on how their deployments, auto-scaling and cluster manifest changes impact cloud consumption and spend.

Don’t wait 30 days for the next Cloud Bill.

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Cloud AutoStopping

Dynamically orchestrate resources for non-production workloads. Maximize efficiency for compute instances and minimize cloud waste.

Cut non-production compute costs by up to 75% by automatically turning off idle resources and running on spot instances – with no interruptions.

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How is Harness Cloud Cost Management unique?

It was built for engineering and DevOps teams.

Multi-Cloud Support

Harness Cloud Cost Management supports Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Cost Transparency

View cloud costs in any context, eliminate end-of-month cost surprises, and do accurate chargeback – no tagging required.

Customizable Recommendations

Harness Cloud Cost Management provides cost recommendations for engineers to optimize their workloads and save money.

Root Cost Analysis

Contextualize and report on cloud costs by multiple dimensions, and up to hourly granularity.

Cloud Event Correlation

Engineers can correlate cloud costs with their deployments, auto-scaling, and manifest changes to know the real impact of their actions.

Map Cloud Costs to the Business

Enable engineers to fine-tune savings recommendations for both cost and performance with What If Analysis.

Compare DevOps Tools with Harness

Cloud Cost Management

There are several tools to choose from, however, only one was built with you, the end-user in mind. The Harness Platform is a complete end-to-end solution for the modern cloud-based team.

Case Studies

Success Stories

Read how our customers saved $$$ on their cloud bill.
Saved 6-figures in Annualized Savings in 30 Days
“Lacked visibility into actual utilization and idle/ unallocated costs of Kubernetes clusters…During the first 30 days we saw 6 figure annualized savings.”
Reduced Cloud Spend by 80% in Minutes
“Our engineers are one-click away from accessing cloud cost data.”
Want to reduce your cloud cost waste?
Empower your Developers & DevOps teams today with cloud cost visibility.