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A cloud cost management tool that Developers and DevOps teams can actually use.

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How Harness CE Works

Harness Continuous Efficiency (CE) empowers engineers with cloud cost visibility of their apps, microservices, and clusters.

The best part? Tagging isn’t required.

Unique Cloud Cost Visibility

Harness Continuous Efficiency gives engineers the context and visibility they need to see and manage cloud costs by:

  • Application
  • Microservice
  • Environment
  • Cluster (inc. Namespace/Workload)
  • Deployment
  • Configuration Change
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Continuous Efficiency Root Cost Analysis - Harness Product Feature

Root Cost Analysis for Kubernetes and AWS ECS

Harness Continuous Efficiency provides granular cost visibility of Kubernetes and AWS ECS Clusters, Namespaces, Workloads, Nodes, and even Pods.

It shows developers the real utilized, idle, and unallocated costs of their microservices so they can quickly debug inefficiencies and optimize them.

Cloud Cost Budgets & Alerting

Set budgets and thresholds for cloud spend across applications, clusters and environments.

Alert and report based off actual or forecasted cloud spend so your engineers get a heads up on cost spikes.

Harness Continuous Efficiency - Root Cost Analysis for K8 ECS
Continuous Efficiency Root Cost Analysis - Harness Product Feature

Correlate Cloud Events & Cost

Give developers instant feedback on how their deployments, auto-scaling and cluster manifest changes impact cloud consumption and spend.

Don’t wait 30 days for the next Cloud Bill.

CI Features


How is Harness Continuous Efficiency unique?

It was built for engineering and DevOps teams.

Multi-Cloud Support

Multi-Cloud Support

Harness Continuous Efficiency supports Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

No Tagging Required

No Tagging Required

View cloud cost by application, microservice, environment and cluster out-of-the-box with no tagging required.

Cloud Cost Visibility


Harness Continuous Efficiency provides cost recommendations for engineers to optimize their workloads and save money.

Root Cost Analysis

Root Cost Analysis

Deep visibility of Kubernetes and ECS cluster costs so engineers can understand the real utilized, idle and unallocated costs of their microservices. 

Cloud Event Correlation

Cloud Event Correlation

Engineers can correlate cloud costs with their deployments, auto-scaling, and manifest changes to know the real impact of their actions.

Deep Cost Visibility

Cloud Cost Trending & Reporting

Report your cloud costs hourly, weekly or monthly so engineers can highlight every optimization and saving.

CI Features

Compare DevOps Tools with Harness

Continuous Efficiency

There are several DevOps tools to choose from, however, only one was built with you, the end-user in mind. The Harness CI/CD Platform is a complete end-to-end solution for the modern DevOps team.

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Kubecost vs Harness Continuous Efficiency
Case Studies

Case Studies

Success Stories

Read how our customers saved $$$ on their cloud bill.

Saved 6-figures in Annualized Savings in 30 Days

Relativity Harness Continuous Efficiency Customer

“Lacked visibility into actual utilization and idle/
unallocated costs of Kubernetes clusters…During the first 30 days we saw 6 figure annualized savings.”

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Continuous Efficiency

Reduced Cloud Spend by 80% in Minutes

GoSpotCheck Harness Continuous Efficiency Customer

“Our engineers are one-click away from accessing cloud cost data.”

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Continuous Efficiency

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