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Harness CI (formerly Drone) is now available.

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How Harness CI Works

Harness CI (formerly Drone) is a self-service CI solution that is container-native so all builds are isolated, and all extensions are standardized. Kiss your butler goodbye.

Installs in Minutes

Loved by the Open Source community with 100+ million downloads on DockerHub, and 23,000+ likes on GitHub.

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docker pull drone/drone >

Pipelines as Code (Not Scripts)

Declare Pipelines with a simple, easy-to-read file in YAML that you commit to your Git repository.

Each pipeline step is executed inside an isolated Docker container that is auto-downloaded at runtime.

Learn more about the syntax >

Create/Share Extensions

Choose from hundreds of existing extensions, or create your own.

Harness CI (formerly Drone) uses containers to standardize and drop pre-configured steps into your pipeline.

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10X More Efficient To Scale

Harness CI (formerly Drone) is written in GO, and requires less than 100MB of memory (Jenkins needs 2GB, Gitlab needs 8GB).

This makes Harness CI super easy to scale across thousands of users without needing to manage your own CI cloud or farm (moo!)

Isolated Builds & Tests

Every build runs in an isolated container so you don’t need to worry about conflicting builds on shared servers across teams.

Full control, and full steam ahead Captain!


How is Harness CI different?

Whether you’re starting an open source project or choosing new tools for your engineers, Harness CI has you covered.

Any Source Code Manager

Harness CI (formerly Drone) integrates seamlessly with multiple source code management systems, including GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket, and GitLab.

Any Platform

Harness CI (formerly Drone) natively supports multiple operating systems and architectures, including Linux x64, ARM, ARM64 and Windows x64.

Any Language

Harness CI (formerly Drone) works with any language, database or service that runs inside a Docker container. Choose from thousands of public Docker images or provide your own.

Install in Minutes

Download our official Docker image or build from source. No need to talk with a sales person or request a trial license.


Implement custom access controls, approval workflows, secret management, YAML syntax extensions and more.


With an active community of 50,000+ users, & 100+ million downloads, Harness CI (formerly Drone) is the leading open source CI solution.


Which Harness CI edition 
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Compare DevOps Tools with Harness

Continuous Integration

There are several DevOps tools to choose from, however, only one was built with you, the end-user in mind. The Harness CI/CD Platform is a complete end-to-end solution for the modern DevOps team.

Case Studies

Success Stories

Read how our customers rapidly scaled and increased their deployments with Harness Continuous Integration
Jenkins to Drone for CI/CD.
“When we started using containers, Drone was the obvious choice. We moved from Jenkins CI/CD to Drone.”
Simple. Flexible. Standardized.
“Its flexible yet standardized nature enables our teams to unify on a plugin-extensible, ready-to-use CI/CD pipeline that supports any custom build environment.”
10x Faster Builds with Drone.
“With Drone, we can put the power of CI in the hands of our engineers.”

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