Cloud Cost Management
Complete Cloud Control and Automated Cost Management
Make cloud costs easy with intelligence. Achieve cost transparency, cut costs up to 75%, and bridge the Finance & Engineering gap.
Simplified Cloud Cost Management for FinOps, Infrastructure & Engineering teams.

Features Every Great Team Needs

Cost Transparency
  • Deep Kubernetes Visibility
    Actionable insights into your workloads & clusters’ utilized, idle and unallocated resources. Correlate costs due to deployments, change in replica count, CPU or memory configurations, with cost events and specific line of code etc.
  • Cost Perspectives
    Visualise detailed cost information by various constructs - projects, teams, business units, departments, etc. Receive periodic reports on cost and usage metrics that matter to you. Govern usage with custom budgets and precise spend forecasts and account for cost-showbacks/chargebacks
  • Business Intelligence
    Track your cost usage and utilization across all your cloud resources. We provide comprehensive resource tracking, with the full power and flexibility of modern BI and analytics with custom data-driven dashboards.
  • Intelligent Cloud AutoStopping
    Non-production resources are only in use during work hours, at best. Shut them down automatically whenever they are idle, with AutoStopping. Plus, run them on fully orchestrated spot instances without worrying about spot interruptions.
  • Savings Recommendations
    Leave the thinking to us. Get relevant and actionable recommendations for cluster utilization, rightsizing, autostopping, purchase of RIs and savings plans, cleaning unused or orphaned resources, and choosing the right tier for cloud services based on usage patterns. Also run what-if analysis before you apply the recommendations.
  • Anomaly Detection
    Don’t rely on the human eye to catch irregularities in your organization’s cloud consumption. Our anomaly detection analyses your historic spend patterns and flags anomalous events every time your cloud spend is higher or lower than it should be.
  • Budgets & Forecasting
    Track cost variances or set monthly, quarterly and annual budgets. Track whether your current rate of spending will be within budget with accurate forecasting. Stay up to date with reports and alerting at various stages of budget consumption.
  • Collaborative Cost Management
    Cloud cost management is a team sport. Harness CCM gives your relevant members of the organization the ability to interact and seamlessly make cloud management decisions together for everything from purchasing RIs or savings plans to assessing the impact of new policies on application performance, to tracking and eliminating unused resources.
  • No Tagging Required
    A thoroughly tagged cloud account is perfect, and mostly imaginary. Get cost information about your applications, services and environments without any manually tagging for everything you deploy via Harness Continuous Delivery.
Multi-Cloud Support
Seamless Support For Your Cloud Infrastructure
We know that teams leverage multiple cloud providers as well as Kubernetes. Manage cloud costs across your whole cloud infrastructure.
Our environment was heavily under-optimized, but we've seen a 60 to 70% cost savings without any hassle for our infrastructure management teams.
Dheemanth R, CTO, Discover Dollar

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Available as SaaS
Fully managed Service to help you get started - Perfect for Small Teams
  • Limited to $250K of Cloud Spend optimization
  • Integrated Platform with CD, CI & FF modules
  • Built-in Cloud Cost BI Dashboards
  • Cost Optimization with Intelligent Cloud Auto Stopping
  • Cost Budgets, Anomalies & Recommendations
Community Support


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of Annual Cloud Spend
Simplicity, Reliability & Flexibility for Growing Businesses

Buying for $2M+ Annual Cloud Spend?
Contact Sales for volume discounts!

Free Plan plus:
  • Unlimited Cloud Spend
  • Unlimited Clusters under monitoring
  • Unlimited Cost Perspectives
  • Custom Cloud Cost BI Dashboards & Comprehensive cost visibility
  • Data Retention - 5 Years
  • SLA Guarantee
Standard Support (Premier Support Add-On available)


of Annual Cloud Spend
Scalability, Security & Governance for Best in Class Enterprise Teams

Buying for $2M+ Annual Cloud Spend?
Contact Sales for volume discounts!

Team Plan plus:
  • Unlimited Cloud Spend
  • Unlimited Clusters under monitoring
  • Unlimited Cost Perspectives
  • Advanced Security
  • Advanced Governance
  • Organize by Multiple Organizations
  • Granular & Customizable Role based Access
  • LDAP support
Standard Support (Premier Support Add-On available)
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Pricing FAQ
How is Harness CCM licensed/priced?
Harness CCM is priced as a percentage of Total ‘Cloud Spend’ managed by CCM for optimization - available both as a monthly or annual subscription.
During the first 30 days with Harness CCM we saw a noticeable change in our cloud spend, with six-figure annualized savings.
Shelby Lewin, Technical Product Manager, Relativity
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