Continuous Integration
Modern, Fast, Scalable CI with a Focus on Developer Experience
An intelligent, container-native CI solution with isolated builds and standardized extensions. Build artifacts smarter and faster.
Streamline your build process and let your developers focus on writing code. Make the switch to Harness CI.

Features Every Great Team Needs

  • Test Intelligence
    Reduce test cycle time without compromising on quality. Using our ML model, test cycles can be up to 98% faster with no reduction in quality, which will help you innovate faster.
  • Flexible infrastructure support
    Developers can choose which infrastructure to use to run their build in the most efficient way, according to their technology of choice - from k8s to VMs and MacStadium.
  • Language Agnostic
    Harness CI works with any language of your choice. This gives you the flexibility to use one CI solution for any language and framework, so you don’t need to change anything in your build process when adopting a new technology.
  • Developer Friendly Experience
    Manage your pipelines the same way you manage your code - stored in git, written in YAML (using built-in YAML editor, with auto-complete and schema validation), and changes made via pull requests.
  • Flexible Parametrization & Template Library (coming soon)
    Enforce best practices and reuse pipelines between different teams and projects to make it easy to onboard and spend less time on configuration.
  • Governance and Security
    Avoid security issues and make sure your code and processes are always within compliance. Harness CI comes with full Audit capabilities, flexible and granular RBAC, allowing your team to create custom roles and OPA-backed policies (coming soon) that make sure all your pipelines are safe and secured.
  • Powerful Pipeline controls with parallel execution and Automatic failure strategy
    Build the pipeline anyway you’d like - run steps in parallel, or sequentially, group steps together, add conditional execution at any level, and define failure strategy to automate remediation.
  • Integrated CI and CD pipelines
    Using one platform for both CI and CD streamline the software delivery process, reduce manual steps and help teams to move forward faster without learning multiple products.
Seamless Integration With Your DevOps Toolchain
We know that teams live and die by their tools. Harness integrates with, and orchestrates your entire stack.
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Harness CI is extremely open and flexible. There’s nothing holding you back from building and deploying the way you want. Jenkins was extremely rigid and wouldn’t have allowed us to grow the way we have.
Jim Sheldon, Principal Software Engineer at Meltwater

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Available as SaaS
Fully-managed Service to help you get started - Perfect for Small Teams
  • Limited to 2500 Builds (then 100 Builds per month)
  • Integrated Platform with CD, FF & CCM modules
  • Build Health & Execution Dashboards
  • Git Experience (Pipeline as code) & REST APIs
Community Support


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per Developer
Available as SaaS
Simplicity, Reliability & Flexibility for Growing Businesses

Buying for 100+ Developers?
Contact Sales for volume discounts!

Free Plan plus:
  • Up to 300 Developers
  • Unlimited Builds
  • External & Custom Secret Managers
  • External & Custom Approval Workflows
  • SLA Guarantee
Standard Support (Premier Support Add-On available)


per Developer
Available as SaaS
Scalability, Governance & Intelligence for Best in Class Enterprise Teams

Buying for 100+ Developers?
Contact Sales for volume discounts!

Team Plan plus:
  • Unlimited Developers
  • Unlimited Builds
  • Test Intelligence (ML based test-cycle optimization)
  • Advanced Security & Governance
  • Organize by Multiple Organizations
  • Template Library (Coming Soon)
Standard Support (Premier Support Add-On available)
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Pricing FAQ
How is Harness CI licensed/priced?
Harness CI is priced per Developer, available both as a monthly or annual subscription.
Its flexible yet standardized nature enables our teams to unify on a plugin-extensible, ready-to-use CI/CD pipeline.
Tony Li and JP Robinson, Delivery and Site Reliability Engineering team, New York Times
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