Day one is a wrap at our very first inaugural {Unscripted} Conference. We could not be more excited for everyone who has turned out and all the wonderful speakers who helped make day one a success. Along with the live-tweeting, here is a recap of what has been moving and shaking on day one. 

Getting into the Swing of Things

Getting started, we had a few surprise Cameos to greet everyone to the conference. 

Tres Commas

Mr. “Tres Commas” himself from HBO’s Silicon Valley inspiring us that anyone can be successful and learning and connecting are important. 

Jyoti Bansal, CEO of Harness, paving the way for the democratization of elite software delivery. Anyone and any organization are capable of elite-level performance and intelligent systems should be there to help raise the bar. 

Jyoti Bansal

Setting the pace for the rest of the day, with both our Simply and Scale tracks, helping everyone learn the fundamentals of technologies and the pros/cons of different approaches in software delivery. When having to build systems to support internal and external customers, we can run into a dilemma over what and how to support it.  

The Platform Engineer’s Dilemma

As a DevOps or a platform engineer, providing engineering efficiency to opinionated teams can be a challenge. Finding the lowest common denominator to move forward can be difficult. Continuous Delivery touches on multiple domains and expertise throughout organizations and for many folks is still a journey that is ongoing. Two of our speakers, Bob Chen from ADP and Frank Moley from DataStax champion choice as a pillar of modern-day platform engineering teams. 

ADP Unscripted

Bob Chen talking about the flexibility of uncoupling CI and CD finding best of breed approaches to both. 

DataStax Unscripted

Frank Moley describing how critical pipelines are to modern organizations and the importance of removing barriers. 

With all of the investments in modern platforms to take ideas to production, these are crucial conduits to transformation. 


Sometimes Digital Transformation can seem like a buzzword de jour. Though the only constant in technology is change. Transformations are not a new concept but we have been getting better at transforming our teams and organizations. Two of our speakers, Prakriti Koller from Red Hat and Neetu Jain from USAA talk about their experiences during transformations. 

Red Hat Unscripted

Prakriti Koller discussing measuring progress; measurements and goals might not be the most fun aspect but are important in tracking progress and making course corrections and eventually learnings for the organization. 

USAA Unscripted

Neetu Jain talking about how learning fatigue can set in as individuals and organizations try to embrace a wide swath of new technologies and practices. 

With the unprecedented shifts that have happened with the pandemic, the human element is still a pillar in technology and as we all march towards uncharted waters, we are not alone in our journey. 

Not Alone on the Journey 

Even more so in 2020, we can have that feeling of being overly connected and disconnected at the same time. Common themed on two of our Day One Panels, the Innovation Panel and Industry Panel are don’t forget the human element; the ebbs of flows of your life represent changing customer demand that many people are going through. 

Innovation Unscripted

At the {Unscripted} Innovation Panel, the human element and partnerships are crucial to moving innovation forward. Trust in uncertain times is key. 

Industry Unscripted

At the {Unscripted} Industry Panel, your customers have a wide range of needs, and having the ability to meet your customers where they are in their journey is key.

Unfortunately, we could not mention every session in the day one recap post though you can catch them on-demand and we are and excited to see you on day two. 

Onwards to Day Two

Day two will certainly be packed with great learnings and announcements from Harness on what is the latest and greatest. If you missed day one you can still register for free at the conference site and catch the announcements on day two. The day one sessions will be available on demand. 


-Kari, Tiffany, and Ravi