We are truly grateful for everyone who made our first inaugural {Unscripted} Conference a success! Day two was jam-packed with great sessions, panels, and several announcements from Harness. As the engineering burden increases in industry, there is a need for our systems to be intelligent and help alleviate the burden.

The Need for Intelligent Systems 

Self-service is a goal for many organizations but if those systems are hard to use and require a lot of toil e.g lack expertise as a system, this would push the internal customers away. Jyoti Bansal, CEO of Harness kicked off the second day with a second keynote around the need for intelligent systems. 

Intelligent Systems

Jyoti kicked off Day Two sessions by discussing the challenges and benefits of intelligent systems in achieving velocity through simplicity and scale. 

With our systems growing more complex and distributed, scaling specialized expertise is quite important. The rise of DevOps and SRE teams are prudent to the rise in the velocity of change and need intelligent systems to further scale. 

While at AppDynamics, Jyoti noticed there was almost a 1:1 mapping of DevOps Engineers to application teams with the specific handhold needed to get changes into production. This lead to the genesis of Harness, the industry’s first self-service software delivery platform. 

Processing Change at Scale Isn’t Easy

The engineering burden is increasing and all in the name of efficiency. An old metric to talk about is the engineer to server ratio where you measure how many servers an engineer has to manage; this ratio is ever increasing. In years gone by this ratio used to be one to tens is now one to hundreds of thousands if not more thanks to containers. This leads to specializations that have not been there before. Quintessence Anx of PagerDuty and Bob Strecansky of Mailchimp shared in our Unscripted sessions, just what it takes to solve for engineering burden and change.

PagerDuty Alerts

Quintessence Anx in her session on alert fatigue. 

Mailchimp SRE

Bob Strecansky on how to build and scale a Site Reliability Engineering organization. 

With the increasing need for intelligent systems and the emphasis, organizations are placing on the ability to deliver software expertise, large scale robustness practices is more important than ever. Harness has been working on several large developments to move the bar for every one forward. 

Harness Product Announcements 

We have been hard at work at Harness building the vision on what we see the next generation of software delivery looks like. Several product announcements were made today and in the upcoming months, we will be sharing lots more around the next generation of Harness Products.

Introducing Next Generation Continuous Delivery

The Harness Platform is receiving a major overhaul in terms of UI and the ability to further scale and template. Updates include a new, intuitive user interface, GitOps and pipelines-as-code, bi-directional sync and conflict management, and powerful templates to standardize deployments across teams.

Next Gen CD
Next Gen CD

Introducing Continuous Features

To deploy or not to deploy is usually the question when getting changes out in the wild. With the rise of feature flags, enabling certain features or running an A/B test might not require a full-blown deployment.  Continuous Features will be the first feature flag management solution to be deeply embedded into the CI/CD lifecycle, bringing new intelligence, clarity, and simplified workflows for engineers to release and manage feature flags which is crucial to avoiding the feature flag sprawl/nightmare. 

Continuous Features
Continuous Features

Introducing Harness Continuous Integration Enterprise 

Folks might say that Continuous Integration is a solved problem. Though as confidence-building exercises span all parts of the SDLC and the increased focus and velocity of constantly creating builds, CI is ripe for innovation. Continuous Integration Enterprise is the industry’s first smart CI solution, with embedded AI/ML, enabling engineers to build and test their code in any environment, including SaaS or on-premises.

CI Enterprise
Harness CI Enterprise

Introducing Next Generation Continuous Verification

Pillar on day one of the Harness Platform is the ability to Harness to mimic your best engineer’s knowledge and strategy during deployments. Next Generation Continuous Verification extends the concept of deployment verification to all cloud and application changes. Now, developers will have greater visibility into the impact of changes within any environment, such as container orchestration changes, auto-scaling changes, configuration changes, or cluster changes. Continuous Verification has also been designed and built to work standalone with other CD solutions to provide customers with added choice and flexibility.

Continuous Verification
Next Gen CV

Cloud Cost Management “Project Lightning” 

With Cloud Cost Management’s release in June, the team has been looking at further democratizing cloud spend. Project Lightning, introduced at {Unscripted}, helps customers lower on-demand compute and spot rates, and eliminate cloud waste on-demand. Project Lightning can save customers 40-75% on their public cloud bill—beyond existing CE savings—based on early feedback from customer trials. Figuring out the right combination of spot and on-demand instances to meet SLAs and auto-stopping instances during low usage can be tricky, Project Lightning address those use cases for the next chapter in cloud costs savings. 

Continuous Efficiency
Project Lightning

Lots of great sessions, panels, and announcements at {Unscripted}, we are really excited about what is in store for next year’s {Unscripted}. 

See You at {Unscripted} 2021

Without you, {Unscripted} would not have been a success. We are looking forward to next year with our next {Unscripted} Conference. In the meantime, feel free to join our “H.U.G”, the Harness User Group to stay in contact. The conference was closed out by Tiffany laying out our vision of the future of the Harness Community. 

Harness User Group HUG

We’re bidding everyone farewell for now, but like always feel free to engage after the conference and come back to Harness for the latest and greatest around software delivery. 

-Kari, Tiffany, and Ravi