If you are an automotive enthusiast or even if you are not, Bugatti recently broke the 300 mile per hour barrier for a production car. Once thought impossible only a few years ago is now possible. Bugatti has certainly raised the bar and is the pinnacle of automotive engineering.

To celebrate the launch of our inaugural Harness Community and Harness Community Edition, we decided to give away a symbolic Lego Bugatti. We believe that with the Harness Community Edition, everyone is capable of creating amazing continuous delivery pipelines. Why settle for less when you can have a Bugatti level pipeline?

Ideas from you 

The Harness Community is an excellent place to share ideas and collectively learn and grow. We strongly value the feedback and contributions in the community. Recently we had a few asks around Google Cloud Build and saw this as a worthwhile opportunity to share what we have conjured up with the community at large. 
Our Community Forums are open for all to browse. We recently had an excellent contribution from Dominic out of the UK around setting up a Filebeat with our Harness Delegate Logs.

Winner winner!

A one “Captain Morgantown” aka  Amanda Folson was our top contributor in our first 90 days. Amanda is no stranger to the DevOps world having spent time at PagerDuty and GitLab. She’s since left the world of getting paged to work at Nexmo (where they send the pages), but always manages to find her way back to the world of ops.
Amanada and Flamingo
Amanda opening up her Lego Bugatti, courtesy of Harness.
Quoting Amanda “Thanks so much to the Harness team! It’s been great to see the community grow in the last few months and I can’t wait to see what’s next. There was a time when my pipelines were lengthy Perl scripts held together with Bash and prayers, but they’re not needed anymore. :)”.

Join us

We encourage you to sign up for a free account at community.staging-devharnessio.kinsta.cloud. We also have a Slack Workspace for the community [harnesscommunity.slack.com] which you can join here. Excited to see and hear your wonderful ideas!  #harnessLovesOurCommunity