Fall is in the air and that means it is cloud native season (well isn’t it always cloud native season now?). Last year we had an excellent week in drizzly Seattle during KubeCon NA 2018. If you are unfamiliar with KubeCon, “Kubernetes Convention” or KubeCon is the culmination of several Cloud Native Compute Foundation [CNCF] events. Typically referred to as “KubeCon + CloudNativeCon”, I tend just to say KubeCon. 
Modern application development teams and teams that support the ecosystem in which these new-fangled applications live tend to keep tabs on the fast-moving projects inside the CNCF.  The tour-de-force event is KubeCon NA which year over year has almost been doubling in size of attendees. This year in San Diego should be spectacular. 

What we can expect at KubeCon?

Last year, Envoy and Prometheus became graduated projects which is the highest maturity level inside the CNCF. The first project to become graduated inside the CNCF was Kubernetes. More recently, CoreDNS, FluentD, and ContainerD also reached graduation. 
Currently, Jaeger and Vitess are up for votes to graduate. There might be some announcements at KubeCon NA this year. If you are unfamiliar with what the graduation inside the CNCF means, you can read how the CNCF graduates projects. For example, you can take a look at Vitess’s due diligence which shows that graduation is no easy feat
Certainly going to be displayed in one of the keynotes is the CNCF Landscape. Last year there were around 400 “cards” on the CNCF Landscape which has grown to currently over 1200.

What’s different this year?

This year at KubeCon NA, there is a large formation of “Day Zero” events which are project and vendor lead. Our Continuous Delivery Foundation will be hosting a Day Zero event right before KubeCon NA. Because there are so many projects, the Day Zero events can be great to attend and be laser-focused on a certain capability or project. 
If you ever went through the process of talking at a CNCF event, especially, KubeCon, the bar is set really high. An interesting conference to check out is the Cloud Native Rejekts conference which happens a few days before KubeCon. If you have tried to submit to KubeCon and have not been successful getting a chance to speak or want to see another set of ideas, the “Rejekt” conference is filled with great speakers. All through the week, the Harness Squad will be in San Diego during KubeCon.

Catch your Harness buds in San Diego

Harness will be at KubeCon in force this year. We are excited about all the upcoming advances in the cloud native ecosystems. If you are in San Diego before KubeCon, come and catch us at the Hard Rock on November 16th for a Harness Meetup. Paired with one of our venture firms, Unusual Ventures, we also are going to have a happy hour on November 18th.  
See you in San Diego,